The World’s Fastest and Resilience TON

TON Tech Network Foundation© assists creators and developers in navigating the new era by identifying key telecommunications areas crucial to their success.

About TON Tech Network Foundation ©

TON Tech Network Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 2018 and based in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, is a community-led initiative with support from operators and Internet Exchange Points.

We are dedicated to fostering and democratizing innovation in decentralized blockchain networks, not only for TON but also for other blockchains.

Our overarching goal is to establish the foundation for the development and building of new communications based on Web3 technologies for future generations.

The Fastest Innovative Blockchain Solution

We assist communities and companies in building networks that provide the flexibility and scalability needed to prepare for the arrival of Web3 and the future of the digital world.

Our patented TON DC Cluster technology encompasses the entire cycle, from developing and manufacturing unified network equipment, utilizing various blockchain technologies, to optimizing tasks for end users.

TON is the blockchain of blockchains. We aim to catalyze the creation and adoption of open, decentralized solutions by leveraging open-source software, TON technologies, and other revolutionary blockchains and protocols.

 Blockchain Hub in Switzerland

Through ecosystem development, community collaboration, advocacy, research, and education, the TON Tech Network Foundation is advancing the state-of-the-art in telecommunications, with a specific focus on The Open Network. But Web3 doesn’t exist in isolation; it’s what we collectively create here and now.

Our activities encompass organizing operative events such as conferences, workshops, pitch meetings, and startup assistance to facilitate collaboration and unite more blockchain funds in Switzerland within the Blockchain Hub Switzerland.