The Graph event with the swissDAO community

It was a truly unforgettable Saturday as we immersed ourselves in the fascinating world of subgraphs and theGraph with the swissDAO community!

Simon, a talented engineer from edge and node, kicked off the workshop with a captivating intro on how to create a subgraph. The discussions that followed delved into the inner workings of the Graph, including its tokenomics, incentive structures, and the ecosystem it’s building.

With a quick break to recharge, we dived even deeper into the exciting world of DAO tooling and missing implementations, with one of our swissDAO members sharing a fascinating pitch on a potential DAO structure for a past client.

We collectively entered “the zone”. The energy in the room was electric as the developers engaged in spontaneous, playful, and thought-provoking discussions.

After another short break we discussed the current state of swissDAO smart contracts and ways to implement proof of attendance.

With a great group size and a wealth of knowledge among the participants, the workshop was a fun and fulfilling experience for all. Join us next time for another exciting learning journey in Web3!